In this real time virtually connected world where every interaction whether personal, private, social, business or professional is online and every transaction whether financial or non-financial is done online. Your whole data is sitting and floating in a world called “cyber world”. We are the Species from this cyber world who have promised to prepare you to protect your data from all possible threats and thefts in this cyber world and we have named our species of cyber world as “Axximum”.

Axximum trains students, business leaders, corporates, staff of Government departments on cyber security.

Featured Courses

Certified Ethical Hacking

Certified Network Defender

Certified Ethical Hacking (Master)

Certified Penetration Testing

Advanced Penetration Testing

Licensed Penetration Tester

Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst

Forensic Investigator

Certified Incident Handler

Chief Information Security Officer

Network Defense Architect

Encryption Specialist

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Why Train With Us

Our Training Gamut

Prepare our students and clients with proactive and re active cyber security skills and techniques. To protect themselves from identified and unforeseen cyber threats.  
To be the most trusted partner in protecting data at both individual and corporate level.