With the speed at which the information security  landscape evolves; professionals must stay
up-to-date on the latest security techniques, threats and remediation strategies. In response, EC-Council
created CAST to meet these challenges head-on. The Center for Advanced Security Training addresses the
direct needs of those professionals who must retain the necessary skills required for their positions within
the information security industry. CAST provides very specialized training programs coverning key
information security domains, at an advanced level. EC-Council co-developed CAST with well-respected
industry practitioners, ensuring you receive the most important learning experiences and everything
needed to conquer any Challenge.

Course Benifits


Information Gathering and OSINT
Vulnerability Analysis
Post Exploitation
Advanced Techniques
Data Analysis and Reporting

In Depth Knowledge

Advanced scanning methods
Breaking out of restricted environments
Attacking from the Web
Bypassing network-based IDS/IPS
Attacking from the LAN
Privilege escalation
Client side pen-testing

Course Description

This course covers everything you need to know for a professional security test as well as how to produce the two most important items; the findings and report! The practical environment ranges progress in dificulty and reflect enterprise network architecture. This environment includes defenses and challenges which you must defeat and overcome. This is not your typical FLAT network! As you progress through the range levels, each encounter will present the top defenses of today and you will learn the best and latest evasion techniques. This training format has helped  housands of penetration testers globally and is proven to be effective! The CAST 611v3 course is 100% hands-on. No course materials, or slides to
weigh you down. Everything presented in the course is through an enterprise network environment, which must be attacked, exploited,
evaded, defended, etc.