Cyber Crime Investigation

With the growth of cyber crime, police departments are faced with a rising responsibility for dealing with a wide range of cyber and internet issues in investigations. These crimes may include the investigation of social media accounts and the need to collect and interpret digital media. Cyber attacks of both individuals and corporations require departments to conduct cyber crime investigations related to fraud and theft perpetrated electronically.


Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are nothing new. They’ve been around in some form or another since at least the ancient Egyptians, when they would use various calculations to try and determine whether they needed to store up extra grain because the Nile river would fail to flood. For all intents and purposes, they became much more formalized in the early 1900s when labor movements started pushing for safer workplace conditions.

Interested in Service

Enterprise Defense

For the last several years, cybersecurity has become for almost everyone: for companies as they need to protect their facilities and assets; for individuals as they seek protection for their mobile devices, banking accounts, personal data etc and of course, for governments where most of them are now on the verge of critical re-thinking of what cyberspace is and which threats/advantages it creates.

I.T Outsourcing

IT outsourcing (as a part of an outsourcing definition) is the use of external service providers to effectively deliver IT-enabled business process, application service and infrastructure solutions for business outcomes. Outsourcing, which also includes utility services, software as a service and cloud-enabled outsourcing, helps clients to develop the right sourcing strategies and vision.